Meet the founders.

Hi, we’re Matt and Clare. We have been married for over 20 years and have three fantastic teenage children, Judah, Sam and Gracie.

Both of us served on staff at Life Church, Bradford for 16 years, most recently on the executive pastoral team. These years have helped us understand what it takes to build a large church in a city context and to grow in our love of leading and helping people.

We took a big leap into the unknown in 2018 by leaving our regular jobs and regular income to start building Kingdom Company. Our vision is for a thriving local church for the northern quarter of Manchester, that impacts the city culture with the gospel message of Jesus Christ and helps others build a life to be proud of.

There’s an ache in all of us to know our value, to feel worthy, to be heard, to make a mark in the world around us. We all want to do something of significance, to know our identity. At Kingdom Company, we believe everyone is unique and valuable and we really start living when we wake to the reason we’re alive.

We are so glad our paths have crossed with yours and we look forward to getting to know you better. Matt & Clare

Matt Hooper.

For a long time I served as worship pastor with Life Worship and I am an Integrity Music songwriter. Music is in my blood. I’ve played rock ‘n’ roll in clubs & bars. I’ve seen God’s spirit connect with people in amazing ways in all kinds of places. Songs of hope and healing can become stories that can help people in ways I never imagined.

I’ve been afforded the honour of travelling internationally and writing songs for artists including the Newsboys (We Believe), Life Worship (Dance Again) and most recently in 2019 I toured the UK as a musical ambassador for Compassion UK.

I’d also say I am a pioneer and developer of systems of discipleship including personal mentoring and coaching. I am fuelled by a desire to see others become healthy Christ followers and disciples and live a life they can be proud of.


Clare Hooper.

My background is in the detail, I’ve dedicated most of my life to establishing cultures and systems that create safe spaces and liberate others. I appreciate clear communication with a lot of joy.

My job at Life Church was multi-hyphenated, as is my life now. I’ve been the person to pioneer central systems so that everyone else benefits from them. I’ve led teams as a community and kids pastor and I’ve managed a daycare to OFSTED outstanding (what a special time of life). I am currently a digital media consultant helping others build brand narratives fuelled with passion and truth. I am a co-presenter on the The Mum Show, an honest and grace-filled look at being a mum in today’s world.

I love creative solutions and I thrive on making things better than they were when I found them. I really love to agitate others to uncover what they are good…no great at…and ultimately at Kingdom Company we are passionate about seeing people helped and living free.

Mum Show

Kingdom Company Values.

We are a church with Christ as the Head: where scripture is taught & honoured, where God’s Spirit is living & active,  where worship is passionate & creative.
We are a life giving & expansive church marked by excellence & generosity. We pray big prayers. We dream big dreams.
We live from our God given identity to bring justice & liberty to people everywhere.
We build authentic & courageous community that reflects God’s life giving nature.
We will extend His hope message in creative & collaborative ways so that people everywhere will have an opportunity to meet & follow Jesus.
We will train & equip authentic servant-leaders of all ages to lead & impact in every sphere of society.
We will salt the earth with innovation & integrity until impossible gives way to kingdom reality.

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