Join us.

We believe in generosity. Generosity is not confined to finance. We believe there is way to contribute the expertise you already have at a level that you feel able to and comfortable with.

We will always offer you an opportunity to join in at Kingdom Company.

The story of Jesus is the ultimate expression of generous living, as God gave to us generously. As disciples in the Christian faith we mirror Jesus, giving generously of what we have been given.

Bring your expertise.

We have a number of areas where you can skill share on Sundays and in the weekly logistics of Kingdom Company. We call them the BIG FIVE.

  • 1. Sundays

  • 2. Worship

  • 3. Kids

  • 4. Youth

  • 5. Small Groups

    We believe that when we skill share we develop our sense of community and become stakeholders in the work that we are doing here in the Northern Quarter.

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    Invest in the future.

    We’re hugely appreciative of everyone who gives to the vision of Kingdom Company. Your generosity will help us to build this brand new church in the Northern Quarter, Manchester, UK.

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    Not just for Sundays Hear Us