The when & where of Kingdom Company.

Kingdom Company is not currently meeting in-person.

Due to the impact of Coronavirus and our heart to ensure the safety of our attendees, Sunday gatherings are suspended until further notice. Church is not cancelled, we’re just moving online.

This makes a visit even easier than it’s ever been – you can tune into one of our services from the comfort of your own home!

Simply check out our Instagram Accountfor more details of weekly gatherings:

Sunday Church
IG LIVE 6PM (mins)

Speed Church

When it becomes safe to do so we will make plans to launch a physical location. Until then We’ve taken the service and moved it onto digital platforms, so why not tune in this week?

What to expect.

We know that church can feel a bit awkward if it’s not something you’re used to, particularly the first time you attend. It takes a lot of courage, so we want to make your experience the best possible. Right now you can tune in from home, check out what we do and see if it’s for you. Here’s a little overview of what you can expect:

– Our service will be about 1.5 hours in length.
– We start with music and worship
– We then share an inspirational and Bible based teaching session.
– We always mention opportunities for our regular church attendees to give financially; but please don’t feel you have to join in.

What facilities do you have for children?

Currently we have an ‘all together’ model; we love that whole families are tuning in to our online services, but there isn’t separate kids material. We’d love to partner with you as parents though, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s any way we can assist.

What is Team Church?

Kingdom Company has only recently launched and we are still in the development stage but Kingdom Company is very much a living, breathing church, in the Northern Quarter. We’d love your involvement, and despite the current circumstances there are still great opportunities to get involved.

We are working with our Team Church to establish our culture and to train and equip those building church with us. We want to give this community the best start possible, spending this time in building relationships, establishing our vision and values and communicating this to our wider team.

If you would love the opportunity to pioneer with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Team Church is open to anyone and there is never any pressure to commit.

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